Elections Administration Committee

JT Lucero

Platform Statement:

UW has so much potential. On campus, I see it in every man, woman, goose, deranged electric scooter driver, etc. I have been going to UW for several years now, and there are many injustices I see, injustices that stifle this potential. Tuition-paying students can’t get into classes they want to take. Public Health gets a huge brand-new building they don’t need while the IMA has had no functioning urinals for the past year. One became functional for a week or two but then it broke again. If you’ve ever been to any of UW’s building you know that 80% of the rooms are empty most of the time, the only reason they build new buildings is for the image.

I don’t believe in pretense. I don’t believe in polishing the exterior while the interior is rotting. Instead of putting resources into superficial aspects of UW to entice possible students, I believe in making UW great for those already going here.

When you apply for your major, they often show you a list of possible classes you can take. What they don’t tell you is that most of the classes are only offered one quarter a year, have a class size of 20, and are basically impossible to get into. I know many people who are graduating seniors and can’t even register for the bare necessities that they need to graduate on time. This problem is very unique to UW. My brother, among others I’ve talked to, goes to WSU and has said he’s never had a problem getting into classes. Have we really stooped so low that WSU is styling on us?

These problems are apparent for most of us who have been at UW for long enough. I don’t have a special perspective, and I don’t have any secret foolproof solutions to this. Many of these problems would be above my paygrade even if I’m elected. But I can promise that, if elected, I will bring light to these subjects early and often. Actually, even if I don’t get elected I’ll still be complaining about all this. But my point is, these subjects are never talked about, bitter students notwithstanding. I never hear anyone from the UW faculty talking about their efforts to fix these things. They need someone who can remind them to fix those urinals.


  • 100% Win percentage in Wordle (Winter 2022 – present)
  • Level 80 in team based virtual game Fortnite (Chapter 3, season 1)
  • UW student (2018 – Present)

PRELIMINARY Financial Disclosure