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Naomi Snow

Hello UW! My name is Naomi Snow and I am excited to be running for ASUW President for the 2022-23 school year! I plan to graduate with a BS in Chemistry. I grew up in North Bend, Washington. Some fun facts about me are that I love oatmeal, The Hub, swimming, my dogs, lava lamps, Community the TV show, and weightlifting! As President, my top priority will be to voice student opinions and to fight for the changes UW desperately needs. I do not have a long list of qualifications or rewards, but I promise to be hardworking, passionate, dedicated, and to always put the interest of my fellow students first. During my time on the UW senate and as a student, I have observed that there are many important issues that need to be addressed.

Here are some of my top priorities if elected as President:

  • Ensure every student feels safe and supported on campus, which extends anywhere from pushing for more gender neutral bathrooms to further developing student nightlife safety programs
  • Pushing for construction for much-needed campus renovations. A prime example is the state of the IMA, which is supposed to support the entire UW community yet has a lack of proper equipment, ventilation issues, and hasn’t had accessible locker rooms in well over a year. Other examples include improving water fountains and the quality of older dorms.
  • Making sure HFS hears and responds to student complaints. It is unacceptable that the lowest level dining plan option is over one thousand dollars a quarter when students living in dorms are required to purchase one. Another example is the recent removal of the compostable takeout containers in UW’s dining areas.
  • Ensuring proper disability accommodation on campus and improving UW’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as requiring panopto or a virtual classroom option.

Thank you for considering me! 😀


  • ASUW Senate for the current school year

Organization Membership:

  • None 🙁

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