Remote Access

Using Husky OnNet to Vote Abroad

More information can be found here: UW IT Connect

Excerpt from the website:

“Husky OnNet provides a secure connection for remote access: Husky OnNet (HON) provides individual users (current UW students, faculty and staff) with a secure connection to the UW network from remote locations, such as from home, a coffee shop, at the airport, etc, while using a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Comcast or CenturyLink.

Husky OnNet is a free individual VPN for UW students, faculty and staff: HON is a virtual private network (VPN) software application available free for UW students, faculty and staff to download from UWare. A VPN is critical to help protect personal and University data and information on the UW network.

There is also a VPN service for departments: The Husky OnNet Department (HON-D) service is available to UW departments/units that wish to allow connections for certain individuals from on- or off-campus locations to departmentally restricted network resources. General access to the UW network via Husky OnNet is insufficient to access restricted department/unit network segments. Learn more about the Husky OnNet – Department (HON-D) service to support secure connections from both on- and off-campus locations to departmentally restricted subnets using a departmentally controlled authorized users access list.”