Elections Administration Committee

UW Facilities Services


UW Facilities Services policy on campaign posters is simply that if any material hinders students or University activities, damages University property, or becomes an eyesore, that material will be removed at the discretion of the Facilities Services staff and at the expense of the candidate, if an expense is incurred. Some examples may clarify this policy:

  1. Banners strung between buildings, streetlights, or trees can easily damage them. No campaign material may be posted on any buildings, flower beds, tree, shrub, litter container, light posts, etc.
  2. A giant sign in the middle of the HUB lawn may interfere with a planned student activity to be held there. Campaign materials in the middle of other lawn or planting beds may interfere with planned grounds maintenance activities. Campaign material will only be allowed to be posted along pathways on campus and must be within three feet of the pathways. DO NOT


  1. A photocopied sheet posted on a stick is going to disintegrate in a matter of days in rainy weather. Signs proven to be an eyesore will be removed.
  2. All campaign materials must be removed and properly disposed of by 12:01 pm., Friday, May 16, 2019. Facilities Services will charge for any campaign debris picked up after this date.
  3. Chalk campaign signs will not be allowed on any surface during the elections.
  4. Any signs that hinder pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle traffic or driver visibility will be removed.
  5. Sandwich Board Guidelines are as follows:
  • All sandwich board signs must be approved and a permit assigned before they can be placed on campus. One week notice must be given to obtain a permit.
  • Signs may only be placed on campus during assigned times and at approved locations.
  • Signs may not be placed in locations that will impact pedestrian traffic or vehicle visibility.
  • There must be 5 feet of clearance around any sandwich board in an open paved area.
  • Damage to or loss of signs is the responsibility of the requesting department.
  • Signs may not be chained or cable-locked to University property.
  • Signs must be 24-36 inches tall and 20-30 inches wide.
  • Signs may only be used to promote University programs and functions.
  • Permission to place signs can be revoked.

A more detailed description of the University of Washington banner and sign policies may be found at: http://www.depts.washington.edu/grounds/permits.html